Our contribution to the Science Night: What we can learn from a water dweller - the zebrafish

Freitag, 3. Juni ab 18 Uhr, Blaue Grotte im Hauptgebäude

On June 2nd and June 3rd 2016, the 10th „Science Night“ of the University of Bonn will take place at the Münsterplatz and the Central Building of the University of Bonn. Tailored to the common topic "WaterWorlds", there will be exhibitions, presentations and performances by universities and research institutes of the local area "Bonn-Rhein Sieg". This event offers an opportunity for a broad audience to dig into a variety of interesting research activities. 

This year, the LIMES Institute will be represented with the title "One Star and its Stripes: Zebrafish as a model system in biomedical research". In light of the broad audience, this presentation offers various possibilities to get into touch with the model system zebrafish. The challenge of the "zebrafish-quiz" is to determine the age of different, living zebrafish samples using the stereo binocular. Successful participants will be awarded by prizes. 

For the younger ones, there will be a zebrafish puzzle game

Moreover, movies and posters are also tailored to give insights into interesting aspects of the zebrafish model system. 

This exhibition/presentation is organized by Dr. Bernhard Fuß (LIMES Institute) and Prof. Dr. Benjamin Odermatt (Institut of Anatomy) including staff members Lea Steinfeld (collaboration partner from Caesar Institute), Bhuvaneswari Nagarajan, Changsheng Liu and Mirco Brondolin.

10. Bonner Wissenschaftsnacht
Beitrag LIMES-Institut

ab 18:00 Uhr
Blaue Grotte, Hauptgebäude