As there might be various reasons for not pursuing a career in science, such us unconscious bias, family decisions, financial considerations and workplace cultures, we try to tackle them individually and globally by offering support and various activities.

  • Employment of student helpers during pregnancy/parental leave
  • Set-up of the parent-child room
  • Flying Nanny Service
  • Emergency child care at the institute (ProKi, PME)
  • Holiday child care at the institute (ProKi)
  • Procurement of toys for child care
  • Home office equipment

University support:

  • Studying and pursuing an academic career with children (max 400Euro/month; coordinated by the family office at University of Bonn; contact person: Mrs. Xenia Lehr)
  • Corona specific measures: WHK position (9.5hrs/week) for a maximum of 6 months
  • LIMES WiS lecture series: invitation of established female scientists to give talks at LIMES
  • Student helper positions for female group leaders/professors
  • Workshops: scientific writing/presentation
  • Project funding (WiS Research Grants 2019) for female early career scientists
  • Registration fees and travel/accommodation costs for soft skills seminars
  • Participation in the organization of the EMBL-DFG WiS
  • Network Meetings in Heidelberg 2016 / Münster 2018
  • Registration fees for WiS conferences outside Bonn
  • Personal coaching