Our achievements

Inteview auf medisiegel.de mit Prof. Dr. Elvira Mass und Prof. Dr. Dagmar Wachten

Die Rolle von Makrophagen bei Adipositas und Diabetes

Argelander Starter-Kit Grant - Stepping Stone für Dr. Maria Francesca Viola, AG Mass. This grant acts as a launchpad for a postdoc career, allowing her to collect preliminary data for a grant application centred on assessing the effect of plastic exposure on the immune system in the gut.

Argelander Starter-Kit Grant for Dr. Marie Vandestienne, funding a 2-years research project on the role of lipid mediators in type 2 resident conventional dendritic cells (cDC2) homeostasis in the lung.

Dr. Anna Aschenbrenner, a researcher at the LIMES Institute at the University of Bonn and DZNE

Bonn scientists present latest findings on the coronavirus in “Genome Medicine”

Boehringer Ingelheim Scholarship for PhD students in basic biomedical research for Katharina Mauel (Mass lab)

Poster award 2020 of the "Bonner Forum Biomedizin" for Mirka Homrich (Kiermaier lab) - rightmost in the picture

ImmunoSensation WiS 2019 grants (from left):

Dr. Anna Aschenbrenner:
„The single cell space of autoinflammatory disease”

Dr. Natalie Katzmarski:
„The role of aging for the induction of innate immune memory”

Dr. Katarzyna Placek:
“Mevalonate pathway and human gd T cells”