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At the Life & Medical Sciences Institute you will find students and experienced scientists at the forefront of biomedical research at the University of Bonn. We currently accommodate academic staff from 19 different nations at the level of PhD student or postdoc. Our international Master's Course, and lively exchange with our international partner institutions further add to this dynamic environment.

Meet some of our International Staff and Students:

Dr. Christine De Nardo

from Australia

Mirco Brondolin (Hoch lab)

from Italy

Yahya Homsi (Lang lab)

from Libanon

Interview mit Dr. Hideomi Tanaka

We asked Guest Scientist Dr. Hideomi Tanaka from Waseda University, Tokyo a few questions. Here's what he had to say:



I have been involved in the collaboration between Uni Bonn, LIMES and Waseda Uni over the last two years. In half of the year I worked in LIMES and in other half I worked in Waseda Uni, but this year, I mainly worked in the lab Prof. Hoch  and Prof. Kolanus at LIMES. My research topics are the development of nervous system and adult neurogenesis using zebrafish as model organism.


I am attracted to the mechanisms of how living things exist in this world. Actually, life is a complex system, but their development is not random. They have some order to develop and maintain themselves. I would like to address such a hidden algorithm of life.

My best hobby is long-distant running! Every year I join a full marathon and middle-distance (40-70km) trail race. In the future, I would like to participate in a ultra-distance (100km) or 100 mile trail race!

In my impression, German, and maybe other European people primarily think about the time with family and best friends. But most Japanese people separate their time more about the organization that they belong to, for example, company, school etc. But such a trend is gradually changing in younger generations. Their thinking is similar to the same generation in other Western countries. 

Summer season in Germany is very comfortable for me! In the last 3 years, I lived in Germany during the summer. I am afraid as to whether I can adapt to Japanese terrible summer (high humidity, high temperature). But winter season in Germany is very hard for me.

I think people living in Bonn are very familiar to a foreigner. Therefore, my advice is just “do not be afraid about it”.

The LIMES Institute in Bonn

Located in the heart of the city Bonn, the LIMES institute is perfectly positioned within a hop and a skip to the beautiful botanical gardens, Poppelsdorf Palace and a great selection of restaurants, bakeries, cafés and bars.

Eighteen United Nations organizations have made Bonn their home and it’s easy to see why. Whether it be the international silent film festival, world class exhibitions found in galleries and museums along the “Museum Mile”, Carnival celebrations, the nostalgic Christmas Markets, or festivals including Bonn’s personal ode to joy for their son Ludwig van Beethoven, this small city always has something on offer.

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