History and Development

New professorship appointments from 2007

Following the successful establishment of funding networks, study programs, and the plan for a new LIMES research building in motion, our focus was to recruit internationally renowned experts to enrich our research team. 

8 Promotions were made over 5 years: 2007, Joachim Schultze (Genomics and Immune Regulation) and Thorsten Lang (Membrane biochemistry) were given a Professorship appointment; 2008, Michael Pankratz (Molecular brain physiology and behavior research) was appointed Professor, and  Jürgen Bajorath (Chemo-/Life Science computer science) was integrated into the Institute;  2009, Christoph Thiele (Biochemistry and Cell Biochemistry of lipids) was appointed successor to Konrad Sandhoff; 2010, Sven Burgdorf (Cellular Immunology) and Günter Mayer (Chemical Biology), were appointed. The next professorship appointment took place in 2012 in the framework of the Excellence Cluster ImmunoSensation, to recruit immunologist Irmgard Förster (Immunology and environment). Since February 2017, we have strengthened our team with Mihai Netea (Immunology and metabolism), since September 2017 with Gaia Tavosanis (Developmental Neurobiology) and since December 2017 with Eva Kiermaier (Immune and Tumor Biology). Other new professorships went to Jan Hasenauer (Computational Life Sciences), Dietmar Schmucker (Neuronal Wiring) and Andreas Schlitzer (Quantitavite Systems Biology) in 2019, and to Elvira Mass (Developmental Biology of the Immune System) in 2020.