Funding Networks

Researchers of the LIMES Institute are linked through numerous local, regional and international research structures. The main research collaborations are:

DFG Excellence Cluster EXC 2151

"ImmunoSensation: the immune sensory system"

Term: 2019-2026

Participating LIMES labs: Burgdorf, Förster, Hasenauer, Hoch, Kaupp, Kiermaier, Kolanus, Mass, Netea, Pankratz, Schlitzer, Schultze, Thiele

International Research Training Group IRTG 2168

Bonn and Melbourne International Research Training Group Immunosciences:  
"Myeloid antigen presenting cells and the induction of adaptive immunity"

Term: 2016-2025

Participating LIMES labs: Förster, Kolanus, Schultze

Neurotech EU

The European University of Brain and Technology

Term: 2020-2023

Participating LIMES labs: Mass, Pankratz, Schmucker


European Research Area Network on Cardiovascular Diseases (ERA-CVD)

Term: 2015-2020

Participating LIMES lab: Schlitzer

Transregional Collaborative Research Center 83

"Molecular Architecture and Cellular Functions of Lipid/Protein Assemblies"

Term: 2010-2021

Participating LIMES-lab: Lang

Transregional Collaborative Research Center 261

"Cellular mechanisms of antibiotic action and production"

Term: since 2019

Participating LIMES-lab: Mayer

Collaborative Research Center 1454

"Metaflammation and Cellular Programming"

Term: 2021 - 2024

Participating LIMES labs: Burgdorf, Förster, Hasenauer, Mass, Netea, Kolanus, Schlitzer, Schultze, Thiele

Collaborative Research Center 1089

"Synaptic Micronetworks in Health and Disease"

Term: since 2013

Participating LIMES-lab: Mayer

Research Unit 2705

"Dissection of a Brain Circuit: Structure, Plasticity and Behavioral Function of the Drosophila Mushroom Body"

Term: since 2018

Participating LIMES-lab: Tavosanis

Research Unit 2743

"Mechanical Stress protection"

Term: since 2018

Participating LIMES-lab: Kolanus

Research Training Group 1873

"Pharmacology of 7TM-receptors and downstream signaling pathways"

Term: 2013-2023

Participating LIMES labs: Mass, Schlitzer

Manchot Graduate School MOI IV

"Molecules of Infection"

Term: since 2020

Participating LIMES lab: Förster

Collaborative Research Center 670 (ended)

"Cell-autonomous Immunity"


Collaborative Research Center 704 (ended)

"Molecular Mechanisms and Chemical Modulation of Local Immune Regulation"


Collaborative Research Center 645 (ended)

"Regulation and manipulation of information flow within dynamic protein and lipid environments"