Public Relations

Internal communication: the LIMES culture

The core of our Public Relations begins with keeping our staff up-to-date while promoting strong relations with and among employees. We place special emphasis on a working atmosphere where experienced scientists and young people alike find inspiration. Modern lounge areas and coffee rooms attract staff and students, acting as central meeting spaces where new ideas are born.
We offer our employees internal communication tools where information can be readily transferred in everyday life: an internal newsletter "LIMES-Klaaf" keeps employees informed about news, events, publications etc; the LIMES intranet provides personnel information and forms; and screens found on each floor are regularly updated with relevant news and alerts.

External communication

There are many ways to learn more about the Life & Medical Sciences Institute: Follow @LIMES_Bonn on Twitter and navigate through our regularly updated webpages to stay informed.

On our News page, we - in close cooperation with the University of Bonn press office - report on the most interesting breakthroughs, activities and achievements of our institute.

We offer professional podcasts from that highlight research and teaching within the LIMES Institute. You can also watch short films that give you a glimpse into our research in action.

Events & Seminars
An important activity at the LIMES institute is to organize and host both academic and community focused events. These include regular seminars by leading national and international experts, and joint conferences with our international partners.

Information sessions for students
We offer internships for students and regularly take part in interactive workshops and information sessions, such as the "Student-Teaser Days" or the annual "Science Rally".

Publications for Download
We produce Brochures about our study programs and scientific publications and provide them in PDF format for easy printing.

Press and Media Enquiries:

The LIMES Institute Communications Office: 
Silvia Hoch
Ph: +49 (0)2 28 / 73 - 6 27 03       Email:

The University of Bonn Media Relations Office:
Ph: +49 (0)2 28 / 73 - 76 47          Email: