"Bachelor - and then?" Information day at the LIMES Institute

On Friday, May 25th, 2018 the information day on our master's programs will be organized at the LIMES Institute. On this day, insights into our study programs will be provided and many personal discussions can be held.

The event is aimed at students and university graduates who are seeking a Master's degree in Biochemistry or in Immunobiology at the LIMES Institute of the University of Bonn. In addition, representatives from the medical faculty will present the study course Medical Immunosciences and Infection. All interested parties are cordially invited to come to Bonn on this day to clarify their questions about their studies in lectures and personal talks. They can find out about the content, application, admission and access requirements.

After the lectures, the institute will be explored in small groups, and finally, discussions can be held with students of the study courses and with the professors during a barbecue get-together on the terrace.

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Event location: LIMES Institute, seminar room ground floor, Carl-Troll-Straße 31, 53115 Bonn

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Prof. Waldemar Kolanus:



Prof. Sven Burgdorf/Claudia Famulok:

Studying Biochemistry or Immunobiology: an overview and what you need to know


Dr. Cornelia Hömig-Hölzel:

Studying Medical ImmunoSciences and Infection


Prof. Günter Mayer:

Center of Aptamer Research and Development (CARD)


Prof. Irmgard Förster:

Probing gene function in vivo - a technological revolution


Dr. Thomas Ulas:

Genomics, Epigenetics, Big Data Science and Bioinformatics: Why you should invest in these areas for your personal career


Dr. Marc Hübner:

Parasites, pathology and immunomodulation


Dr. Lino L. Teichmann:

Immunology in clinical use


Fachschaft Molekulare Biomedizin: Being a LIMES student in Bonn


Coffee break


Guided tour through the institute in small groups


Sociable barbecue evening on the terrace with the opportunity for an exchange of information