Bayer Doctoral thesis award for Dr. Sebastian Hückesfeld

from left: Dr. Nils Burkhardt (Bayer Pharma AG), Dr. Muhammad Rafehi (Pharmaceutical Chemistry I, Pharmaceutical Institute, Bonn), Dr. med. Maryam Shetab Boushehri (Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Institute, Bonn) and Dr. med. Sebastian Hückesfeld (Molecular Brain Physiology and Behavior, LIMES, Bonn)

The Bayer Doctoral thesis awards 2017 for outstanding academic doctorates in the field of drug research and biomedicine was assigned to Mr. Sebastian Hückesfeld (supervisor: Prof. Dr. Pankratz), Mrs. Maryam Shetab Boushehri (supervisor: Prof. Dr. Lamprecht) and Mr. Muhammad Rafehi (supervisor: Prof. Dr. Müller). Dr. Nils Burkhardt from Bayer Pharma AG awarded the Bayer Sponsorship Prizes, which each won € 1,500, to the junior researchers in a festive setting at the Pharmaceutical Institute in Bonn. Among the guests were also the doctoral supervisors, colleagues and family members of the three winners.

Bayer Pharma AG annually awards three Bayer doctoral prizes for excellent doctoral theses by junior researchers from the two Bonn institutes as part of a cooperation agreement with the Pharma-Zentrum Bonn and the LIMES Institute Bonn.