Bayer PhD Award Ceremony 2013

On 27 January 2014 the Bayer Pharma AG awarded three Prizes for the best PhD thesis of 2013.

[Translate to englisch:] Bayer Promotionspreisverleihung 2013

[Translate to englisch:] Die Preisträger (in der Mitte): Dr. Alexandra Raulf, Dr. Philipp Aaron Ottersbach, Birgit Seibt (stellvertretend für Dr. Benjamin Friedebert Seibt, der derzeit in Australien forscht)

Since 2009, The Bayer Pharma AG has recognized outstanding PhD thesis from the LIMES Institute and the Pharmaceutical Center of Bonn.  Each year, three 1,500 euro Prizes are awarded. Recipients were honored at the Pharmaceutical colloquium at which invited speaker Prof. Stefano Moro presented a lecture titled "Bridging molecular docking with membrane molecular dynamics to investigate GPCR ligand recognition."

The PhD prizes are awarded as part of a cooperation agreement with Bayer to promote scientific exchange. This cooperation provides opportunities for students and young scientists to participate in excursions to Wuppertal as well as internships at research sites in Berlin and Wuppertal. In addition, the Bayer Pharma AG annually awards three PhD fellowships and provides a PhD mentor.

The 2013 Bayer PhD prizes were awarded to:

Dr. Alexandra Raulf (Molecular Biomedicine / Diploma)
AK Fleischmann, Physiology I
Thesis title: Visualization of cell division in vitro and in vivo characterization of cell cycle activity in cardiomyocytes

Dr. Philip Aaron Ottersbach (Pharmacist / diploma pharmacist)
AK Gütschow, Pharmaceutical Chemistry I
Thesis title: Investigations on Atropisomerism in Azadipeptides and Preparation of conformationally constrained Azadipeptides

Dr. Benjamin Friedebert Seibt (Pharmacist / diploma pharmacist)
AK Müller, Pharmaceutical Chemistry I
Thesis title: A2B adenosine receptor homo-and heterodimers