An interview with Prof. Michael J. Pankratz, Director Molecular Brain Physiology and Behavior at the LIMES Institute

[Translate to englisch:] Prof. Michael Pankratz

[Translate to englisch:] Prof. Michael Pankratz. © Foto: S. Hoch/Uni Bonn

On Tuesday 26 August 2014, the LIMES communications department had the privilege of interviewing LIMES Professor, Michael Pankratz, head of the Molecular Brain Physiology and Behavior group. Prof. Pankratz is an expert on the genetics of nutrient control, feeding behavior, gustation and neuroendocrine circuits in drosophila. He obtained his Bachelor degree from Johns Hopkins University, USA and his PhD from the University of California, LA, USA in 1986. During the interview, Prof. Pankratz spoke candidly about his background, how he found himself in research, his view on our current understanding of nutrition, and his labs involvement in the global effort to map the drosophila larval brain. We thank Prof. Pankratz for taking the time to let us get to know him better, and providing us with such an interesting interview that we wanted to share with you. To find our more about Prof. Pankratz, read our interview and visit his webpage. 

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