Welcome to the website of the Famulok research group

The central focus of our research is Chemical Biology. Our main areas of work are:


  • Development of a methodology for the selection of circular RNA aptamers that exert specific cellular functions (SELEX technology)
  • Exploiting the rapid advances in DNA / RNA nanotechnology to functionalize nucleic acid origami for various applications such as nanomotor construction or cargo delivery
  • Using RNA transcription to implement a 3-bit ripple carry adder on DNA/RNA based logic gates


A more detailed insight into our ongoing projects can be found on the Research tab.

We are an international research group that emphasizes collegiality and a strong team spirit. Our methods range from chemical biology to molecular biology and biophysics. Our main aim is to provide excellent opportunities for training and research at all career levels. One of our research projects is funded by the EU project "DESTINATION".