Willkommen bei der Abteilung für Chemische Biologie und Chemische Genetik

  • How can aptamer technology be used to understand biological phenomena?
  • How can nucleic acids be exploited as drugs or drug targets to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic applications?
  • What are the underlying principles of nucleic acid evolution in the test tube and how can these be employed to generate novel compounds?

To address these and other questions, we utilize in vitro selection procedures, in combination with chemical, biochemical, immunological, neurological and molecular cell biology techniques.

Our aim is to identify sophisticated molecules that exert a specific function and utilize them to study biological systems. In this way we develop and investigate aptamers, riboswitches, small molecules and combinations thereof. Based on these compounds we seek to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in the fields of tumour biology, haematology, bacterial infections and neurological disorders. 

Our overall goal is to develop molecular tools that alllow us to investigate biological systems with high precision. These tools also represent the foundation for implementing novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Our research group consists of an international team of enthusiastic scientists representing various countries worldwide. We put particular emphasis on collegiality and a strong team spirit. The tools and model organisms we employ to address our research questions provide an outstanding opportunity for education and research development at all career levels.

Our research projects are supported by funds from the German Research Foundation (DFG), including the collaborative research centers SFBs 704, 1089, FOR854 and the ERC Consolidator Grant "OptoRibo". Furher funding from BMBF, the Euronanomed Consortium "META" (coordinated by G. Mayer), and BMWi support our endeavours to develop our molecules into industrial applicable formats.

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