Willkommen bei der Arbeitsgruppe Kiermaier!


Our group focuses on the contribution of the cytoskeleton during innate and adaptive immune responses. Dendritic cells (DCs) represent the most potent antigen presenting cells of the innate immune system. They are key mediators for the induction of protective immunity as well as maintenance of self-tolerance. As such, DCs represent an outstanding population of cells, which mediate three fundamentally important tasks: antigen capture and presentation, migration towards secondary lymphoid organs and T cell activation.

Our group studies how cytoskeletal components, in particular centrosomes and microtubules, impact immune cell effector functions such as antigen presentation and migration and their behavior upon lymphocyte cell-cell interactions. To tackle these questions, we use cell-based in vitro reconstitution assays as well as studies in living tissues in combination with advanced imaging and genome editing techniques.

We are hiring

We are seeking for a highly motivated PhD candidate to work at the interface of cell biology and computational biology. The project focuses on deciphering the role of the microtubule cytoskeleton during immune cell migration. To tackle this question, we are using leukocytes as a prototypic cell type for amoeboid cell motility. The project combines cell based in vitro assays using microfabrication and mathematical modeling to provide a complete picture of the molecular basis and mechanisms of cell motility in environments of different complexities. 

The applicant should hold a master degree in cell/molecular biology, biophysics or computational biology. We particularly look for applicants with a collaborative attitude towards research and who can combine high personal ambition and work ethics with eagerness to contribute to other projects. 

Complete applications in English should include a CV, a brief statement of research experiences and interests and addresses of two referees. Please submit your application as a single pdf file to Eva Kiermaier (eva.kiermaier@uni-bonn.de) before June 15th.