Aptamers inhibiting CCL17-mediated cell migration

The chemokine CCL17 is a ligand of the receptor CCR4 and directs cell migration of immune cells towards sides of inflamed tissue. However, it also promotes allergic skin reactions eg. in allergic contact dermatitis. We previously reported 2’F-RNA aptamers that bind CCL17 and significantly improved symptoms in a contact hypersensitivity (CHS) mouse model [1].

Figure 1: An aptamer binding to CCL17 inhibits immune cell migration in the skin.


  1. Fulle, L., et al., RNA Aptamers Recognizing Murine CCL17 Inhibit T Cell Chemotaxis and Reduce Contact Hypersensitivity In Vivo. Mol Ther, 2018. 26(1): p. 95-104.